Tools for developing and programming the Onethinx core module:

We use Cypress PSoC6 for our module and we use Cypress’s tools for developing and programming our module. We advise the use of these tools to program our module:

The Onethinx LoRaWAN module comes with a preprogrammed LoRaWAN Stack running on the M0+ core. PSoC6 has a second ARM core (M4) which is fully available for the user application. Currently we are finalizing the true secure implementation for LoRaWAN which comes with an API to configure and use all the LoraWAN functionality. This API can is accessible from the M4 at the user application space. Our secure LoRaWAN stack does not use any hardware resources (except a small amount of flash).

In addition to this, we plan to implement the APIs in a Creator component, so it’s just dragging and dropping the component into creator and the API is ready to use. Also configuration can be done with the component customizer and we can embed the datasheet into the component as well. The API will use the IPC calls to communicate with LoRaWAN stack on the M0+ core. The secure image also has to contain overrides for several IPC system calls (like Fuse/ flashwrites) in order to maintain a secure system (doing parameter filtering etc).

The datasheet specifies the IO’s which can be used with our module. Besides these specified IO’s all the analog and digital PSoC6 blocks can be used upon user demand.

We will provide a PSoC Creator component and example codes which can be used in order to get going quickly and help you programming the user application on our module.

As soon as we start sampling our module we will launch a support forum for all general questions and we’ll setup a support system for quick response on user specific questions.

Of course, the existing channels at Cypress (Community and user case creation) can be used for all PSoC6 related support.

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