About Onethinx

About Onethinx

Onethinx provides solutions and services for Internet of Things projects:

  • Development of devices that send (sensor)data in ultra-secure way via LoRaWAN™
  • The connectivity via gateways and the storage of data
  • Management of devices and availability of device information
  • Online dashboards and mobile apps for analyzing and monitoring data.

Onethinx controls the entire spectrum for IoT solutions for projects  that require high security standards and optimal performance like public security, agriculture, leak detection, disaster precaution, gas- and water metering to mention some.

Onethinx offers Internet of Things as a service. As far as we are concerned, the Internet of Things is a service. In the end it is not about having a device. It is mainly about being able to use the connectivity and the data that the devices measure and send. This requires a combination of functional hardware, with good firmware, back-end software and front-end software.

Online dashboard

For the end user, especially a well-functioning online dashboard is crucial for reading information from the devices, sending commands to the devices and / or linking data from the devices to existing back-end applications. We offer the software as a service (SaaS) but if required also with the hardware included.

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LoRaWAN™ chip on board

Impression of LoRaWan gateway